Badminton at the University of Toronto

How do I play?

Join UTBC! Our annual UTBC membership costs $30, and provides members with exclusive acess to our weekly court hours, coaching, stringing service, and priority access at badminton tournaments throughout the year. We welcome badminton players of all skill levels to join UTBC, and we provide rental racquets and coaching for our members.

If you are interested in joining the University of Toronto Varisty Blues Badminton team, please click here

If you are interested in booking courts for your own leisure play at the University of Toronto Athletic Centre, please click here

If you want to know the latest court arrangement, please checkout our online court hours information system.

UTBC Membership ($30)

Membership Benfits

Court Hours & Coaching

Come and meet other badminton enthusiasts through our weekly member-only court hours. Improve your skills with our volunteer coaches.


Take your skills to test by competing with other students in a variety of tournament styles to win great badminton merchandise and prizes.


All UTBC Court Hours and Events will be held at 55 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S 2W6, unless otherwise specified.

Member Policies

UTBC Membership Eligibility

All students, faculty and alumni affiliated with the University of Toronto are eligible to join as UTBC members

Please note that as most UTBC events are held at the University of Toronto Athletic Centre, UTBC members will need access to the Athletic Centre. Current full-time and part time undergraduate and graduate students will already have Athletic Facilities Membership through their student fees. Faculty, alumni and co-op students may need to purchase Athletic Facilities Membership (click here for more information) in order to access the University of Toronto Athletic Centre.

Equipment Rentals

Racquet rentals are available at every UTBC event. If you wish to borrow a racquet from us, we will swap your T-card with a racquet. When you are finished playing, we will give you back your T-card once the racquet is returned.

Court Attire

All players must bring and change into non-marking court shoes when playing on court.