About UTBC

Mission, Goal, and Values

The University of Toronto Badminton Club (UTBC) is a student organization at the University of Toronto, St. George campus. As a club, we aim to create a healthy, social and interactive environment for all UofT students and faculty to share their love for badminton. We welcome all players of all skill levels, from beginner to competitive. We offer weekly court hours to play badminton, improve their skills and meet other players. Each court hours session is on a drop-in basis. There will be tournaments and intramurals with two categories, recreational and advance. For those who wish to compete competitively, we provide a platform for those who wish to compete for the Varsity Blues Badminton Team with helpful information and contacts.

2019 - 2020 Executive Team Members


Justin Yung (Co-President)
Yolanda Yu (Co-President)
Jennie Hu (Vice President)


Terri Ser
Renz Rafal

Tournaments Team

Madusha Gamage (Director)
Fiona Li
Kim Dinh
Ansh Chokshi
Tessa Ng

Intramural Team

Jenny Huang (Director)
Motta Wang
Angel Yao
Cindy Xie
Christine Xu
Jenny Xu
Rose Han

Court Hours Operations Team

Brian Lin (Director)
Eric Peng
Daniel Huang
Jahan Antia
Jeffrey Pong
Jonathan Liu
Zameena Rajabali
Houston Tsui
Jay Suravudhikul
Leshi Yang

Marketing and Social Media Team

Nanelle Hui (Director)
Cassidy Li (Social Campaign Manager))
Kate Yang (Social Campaign Manager)
Jeffrey Pong (Social Campaign Manager)
Racquel Brown (Social Campaign Manager)
Jim Zhu (Customer Support Representative)
Nita Kuo (Merchandise Manager)
Greg Ng (Photographer)
Liwei Pan (Photographer)
Kexin Qin (Wechat Manager)

Finance Team

Cody Zhang(Director)
Jason Chen


Johnny Ye (Director)
Heather Wu
Katherine Jung


Eddie Moon
Kieran Cyphus
Wilbert Guo

Past Results

2019 Winter Men's Doubles & Women's Singles Tournament

Men's Doubles

Advanced: Saket Thavanani and Alex Cai
Intermediate: Aaron Pan and Cody Zhang

Women's Singles

Alana Bailey

2019 Winter Mixed Doubles Tournament

Mixed Doubles

Advanced: Charlotte Fung and Alan Chen
Intermediate: Susie Jing and Jason Sun

2018 Winter Men's Doubles

Men's Doubles

Advanced: Chi Hong Cheung and Chi Chung Cheung
Intermediate: Ifan Yang and Alex Mai

2018 Winter Women's Doubles

Women's Doubles

Advanced: Carol Wong and Fiona Li
Intermediate: Cindy Yen & Jia Hui Zhao

2018 Winter Mixed Doubles Tournament

Mixed Doubles

Advanced: Charlotte Fung and Justin Yung
Intermediate: Ifan Yang and Samantha Lee

2017 Fall Women's and Men's Singles

Women's Singles

Advanced: Angela Lam
Intermediate: Jialian Wu

Men's Singles

Advanced: Jason Lam
Intermediate: Ben Zhou

2017 Fall Mixed Doubles Tournament

Mixed Doubles

Advanced: Brianna Tang and Justin Yung
Intermediate: Angela Lam and Jeremey Mok