About UTBC

Mission, Goal, and Values

The University of Toronto Badminton Club (UTBC) is a student organization at the University of Toronto, St. George campus. As a club, we aim to create a healthy, social and interactive environment for all UofT students and faculty to share their love for badminton. We welcome all players of all skill levels, from beginner to competitive. We offer weekly court hours to play badminton, improve their skills and meet other players. Each court hours session is on a drop-in basis. There will be tournaments and intramurals with two categories, recreational and advance. For those who wish to compete competitively, we provide a platform for those who wish to compete for the Varsity Blues Badminton Team with helpful information and contacts.

Executive Team Members


Aaron Pan (Co-President)
Teresa Dan (Co-President)
Qiyu Li (Vice President)

Internal Team

Andy Lin (Director)
Erin Chung
Sharon Ma

Intramural Team

William Liu (Director)
Mei Siu Lei
Tiange Gao
Yi Lin
Charlie Yang

Operations Team

Justin Yung (Director)
Emily Luc
Kira Lai
Yuko Yasuda
Cheryl Quan
Jade Ong-Tone
Erin Chung
Hwa Yeon (Lily) Song

Tournaments Team

Laurel Liang (Co-Director)
Charlotte Fung (Co-Director)
Howard Cheung
Nickie Mak
Jingbo (Eric) Yang
Yuko Yasuda
Cheryl Quan
Jade Ong-Tone
Erin Chung
Hwa Yeon (Lily) Song

Marketing Team

Jonathan Tavares (Co-Director)
Huiyu(Heather) Wu (Co-Director)
Hwa Yeon (Lily) Song
Kira Lai
Jingbo (Eric) Yang
Cheryl Quan
Nicolas Wong-King-Cheong
Yuko Yasuda

Finance Team

Princen Wong (Director)
Kyong Ei Kim

Externals Team

Jim Zeng (Director)
Nicolas Wong-King-Cheong


Sean Han
Wendy He
Simone Cheng
Joyce Ho
William Shi
Raymond Soo


Jingbo (Eric) Yang (Lead)
Philip Tsang (Lead)
Eddie Moon
Jeffrey Liu
Jennie Hu
Alan Chen